Large Format Porcelain and Ceramic Tiles in Qatar

Why are large format tiles typically porcelain?  To avoid getting into the nitty-gritty, it’s because of how the tile is made.  Porcelain tile is fired at a higher temperature.  Also, the composition is denser because of how it’s stamped or pressed before the firing process.  It all equates to better durability and the ability to increase the size of surface area of porcelain tile.

Porcelain tile is an excellent option for commercial or residential spaces.  The next time you’re out to eat at one of your favorite restaurants, check out what’s under your feet.  Chances are, it’s a porcelain tile.  Designers of commercial spaces like hospitality, use porcelain tile because it often has a higher coefficient of friction.  In laman’s terms, the way porcelain tiles are glazed means you’re less likely to slip.

  • Stain resistant: Need we say more?  OK, we will…Non-porous: Porcelain tile absorbs little to no water.  This means it is a great option for floors and wet applications.Frost-proof: Depending on the thickness of the tile, some porcelains are able to handle outdoor freeze and thaw environments.   Imagine your backyard patio covered in tile that looks like natural stone or wood.
  • A proper installation: Large format tiles like porcelain are machine-made.  The edges of the tile are often rectified.  This means it has a factory-made straight edge cut.  To avoid slippage, your contractor or tile installer will be able to advise on an appropriate grout allowance due to the tile’s larger size.Cleaning: To keep the tile looking its best, it’s best to clean it with warm water and a mild soap.  Avoid harsh chemical cleaners.  After wiping or moping your tile, rinse it with clean water.
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